Web Design

Platinum Fashion

"Welcome to Platinum Fashion, where style meets sophistication, and every garment is a statement. At Platinum Fashion, we curate a collection that transcends trends, offering you a timeless selection of fashion pieces that effortlessly blend elegance with contemporary flair."


Platinum Fashion is an online fashion store centered around modern, stylish fashion pieces.  It utilizes the "Prestige" premium theme that provides the store with a clean, elegant look and more complex features that distinguishes itself from regular-themed stores.


Home Page

Our home page makes use of a slideshow (first image) and a collection section (second image) to showcase some of our clothing collections upfront to our customers. Our slideshow features our "New Arrivals" collection and our collection section features our "Summer" collection.

We also use a transparent header (first image) when the page is scrolled all the way up to the top, and we attached an announcement bar - "Free shipping on order above $100" - at the top of the page.
We also include blog posts for optional viewing. This theme shows a maximum of three blogs on the home page.
Here is our collection list section to showcase more of our other collections and provide easier access to users. This is a great feature for stores looking to show off multiple collections at a time.
The first of our premium theme features is our Shop the Look section. This section gives the user an interactive image (on the left) that refers to one of our "looks." Buttons are assigned to corresponding products that are included within this certain look. If we click on one of these buttons, the corresponding product will be showcased on the right side.

Ex. On the top photo, the button on the sunglasses is clicked thus showing the Aviator Sunglasses on the right. On the bottom photo, the same thing happens as we click on the denim top.

Mega Menu (Header)

When we hover over the main collections (men and women) on the header bar, we get a pop-up of our mega menu which shows off more of our products and each individual subcollection.

Collection Pages

The Prestige theme also adds some premium features to our collection pages. The most notable of these is the enhanced filter that allows us to filter by availability, price, color, and size. This allows the customer to be very precise when searching for a product they want and is a must-have feature for larger collections.

In addition, we can also change up how many products displayed per row to allow for easier browsing, and this theme even shows which products are sold out by attaching a "sold out" tag on the product for clarity.

Product Pages

In our product page, customers are able to shop a product across all of its variants (different sizes and colors). Our theme also allows us to include shipping information, user reviews, and social media sharing.

Blog Pages

Our blog pages come with a beautifully simple layout and picturesque backdrop. Users may also share our blogs across their social media platforms to garner us more clicks.