Web Design

Slate Coffee

"Welcome to Slate Coffee, where every sip is a journey and every bean is a story. At Slate Coffee, we believe in the artistry of a perfectly brewed cup, where the richness of flavor meets the warmth of community. Join us on a caffeinated adventure as we craft exceptional coffee experiences, one cup at a time."


Slate Coffee is an online coffee shop that brings the highest quality coffee beans from all over the world into our customers cups. This shop uses the default "Dawn" theme to emanate a simple, yet beautiful design by creatively combining regular theme features with minor theme customization strategies.

Main Features

Home Page

First thing on our home page is our image banner section where we have a simple banner image in the background with a slogan heading on front. Customers can click in to start shopping right away.
Here is our featured collection section where we feature our favorite coffee beans. Our default theme also marks on-sale items with a "Sale" tag.
We also include blog posts for optional viewing and a nice decorator to our website. Additionally, for ease of navigation we use a sticky header so that our header bar sticks with the page as we scroll downwards.
Here we use a simple image with text section to advertise our Coffee Club subscription service. Subscription services can be added through app integration.
We may also include a video showcasing our coffee bean roasting. Our video can also be played picture-in-picture by clicking on the bottom right corner.
Near the bottom we have our collage section to showcase our Coffee of the Month. This is a great feature for advertising best-sellers, new items, personal favorites, etc.
Our very last section is our promo section which is a custom feature created by theme customization - where we manually edit the theme code in order to build a section from scratch. We use this feature to give a discount code to our customers.

Collection Page

Normal-looking collection page with availability and price filters. More filter features can be added with a premium theme but for a smaller inventory shop like Slate Coffee, this isn't necessary.

Product Pages

Lastly, we have a minimalistic product page with a simple image and description. The payment options below the "Buy it now" button is another feature added by theme customization to inform customers of the payment options before purchasing.